About Us

SALSULI is an ethical, slow jewellery brand, imagined by the Sydney-based designer Sali Rifai.


Since her early years, Sali has followed her own direction, initially in the world of fashion and design, while becoming increasingly fascinated with the art of creating bespoke jewellery pieces for her clients.

This passion and conviction that Nothing is Impossible, has led to an aesthetic that celebrates the unique and the timeless, but always with a slight twist, combining ideas and influences to produce something truly different and special.

All Sali's creations are distinctive, with hand-selected diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstones, from all over the globe, entirely handcrafted by a team of carefully chosen established Master Artisans - a collaboration which creates individual, exclusive, pieces.

Those eclectic design ideals have produced an exciting portfolio of work, ranging from the signature “Serafina” formed from her signature Vintage Cut, Section Cut and Smoky diamonds, which celebrate the individuality of their inclusions (a diamond’s natural ‘birthmarks’) to truly make a statement; to the refined contemporary styling of the “Ysela” selection, with their hammered finish and fine silhouettes, perfect for the layered look.

These brand new ranges are complimented by timeless classic designs that use exquisite diamond choices in stunning quality settings.

Our bespoke jewels and designs are simply worth the wait, handmade to order, and specially produced to remind you of their moment of creation, just for you.